Rhodonite "in-the-Raw" Necklace - SOLD

Stones with the combination of black and red colors support the Heart and Kidney communication.  Heart being an organ in the Fire Element and the Kidneys an organ of the Water Element, this balance brings forth in the body the balance of Yin and Yang, hot and cold, fire and water.  The Heart houses the Shen, our spirit that interacts with the world around us.  The Kidney houses the Zhi, our will to live and the wisdom we acquire through the years of living. Without the two elements or organs communicating, there will be an imbalance of either being too fiery and open to being too down, cold, fearful, and depressed.  We want these two to maintain balance with each other.

Rhodonite acts as an anti-histamine for the body as well.  It treats an over-active immune response such as frequent colds and allergies or for auto-immune disorders (must be worn for long period of time)

This stone is for people who lack warmth physically or emotionally.  Good for those situations in which the Heart is challenged by the difficulties in life.  Rhodonite helps us become more aware of the nature on the challenge and come to acceptance or resolution.

The necklace measures 22" and has offset spinel beads.  All components are made with 14k goldfill material.