Topaz Long Earrings

  • $110.00
  • $110.00
  • swiss blue topaz
  • 14k goldfill components
  • 2.75" in length
  • handmade to order


Topaz is a stone that addresses the Liver which in Chinese Medicine is responsible for the smooth flow of energy or Qi in the body.  Stagnant Liver Qi contributes to stress, chronic excessive overthinking, frustration, resentment, and angry outbursts.  Topaz helps regulate the Liver Qi.  Helps someone who is preoccupied with things are non consequential.  It helps strengthen the throat chakra.


14k gold fill is a 5% solid 14k gold layer that has been pressure bonded onto a base metal: brass or copper. Acting and looking like solid gold, it’s hypo-allergenic to most skin types and won't turn black or rub off onto the skin. It resists tarnishing, retains its rich gold color, and can withstand persistent wear.