Ancient Coin Necklace - Alexander III the Great on Sterling Silver 356 - 323 BC - SOLD

Ancient Coin Necklace - Alexander III the Great on Sterling Silver 356 - 323 BC - SOLD

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Numismatics, to me, are one of the best time capsules for humanity.  The history these artifacts hold in them from the day they were minted to the hundreds and thousands of years they've been passed on from hand to hand.  If these coins could tell the story themselves, in some way they do!  All of my coins and cobs are NOT replicas.  They are genuine, authentic artifacts from the eras: Greek, Roman, and Spanish New World conquest!

This necklace has a silver Alexander the Great mounted simply with 14k goldfill accent beads on sterling silver with a length of 20" and adjustable to 21.5".  

Alexander the Great was one of the most influential historical figures that ever lived!  He became King of Macedonia at the age of 20 after his father's King Phillip's assassination.  He was a trained military genius at age 13 and a student to the great philosopher and thinker Aristotle at the age of 16.  After his coronation, he took it upon himself to fulfill what he thought was the destiny of his rule and the Macedonian Empire.  He led a 40,000 man army to conquer King Darius and the largest empire of that time, the Persian Empire!  He succeeded doing so after winning three arduous battles and was deemed King of Persia along with King of  Macedonia at age 22.  He continued his conquests, securing his new territories and kept fighting battles for a total of 12 years, leading his army a total of 22,000 miles by horseback and foot.  Believed by some to be a demi-god, a son of Zeus, he actually died of a mortal disease, a fever at the age of 32.  But what he was able to accomplish in his time of reign has never been surpassed by any other King or army!  His coin circulated for hundreds of years after his death.  His legacy lived on for a long while.