Black Tourmaline "in-the-Raw" Necklace Long - SOLD

Black Tourmaline "in-the-Raw" Necklace Long - SOLD

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The Chinese call this stone Ci Tian Shi which means "penetrating or stabbing the field stone".  The field they're talking about is the of the Elixir Field of the lower abdomen where the life force (jing/essence) is stored.  Black Tourmaline penetrates into the deep energetic levels of the body to change the essence/jing.  It has a strong chelating agent that releases toxicity back to the body's exterior.  And of all the tourmalines, it has the most Defensive/Wei Qi/Immunity orientation.  It's a good protector of environmental toxins and damaging energies to the body.  It moves energy strongly in the body and can provoke a healing crisis if unprepared.

Black Tourmaline works with the emotion fear, either feeling vulnerable to the environment or fearful of the people around you.  It offers the wisdom of "finding yourself".  It promotes the knowledge of self.

The necklace is 36" in length and all components are made with 14k goldfill.