Kunzite "in-the-Raw" with Peridot Necklace Long - SOLD

Kunzite is a stone made with lithium, aluminum, and manganese. This is a stone that connects the brain to the heart by calming one’s manic tendencies. Lithium is given to sedate crazy people, manganese is a strong anti-oxidant and good for the heart, and aluminum soothes the nerves. I’m so drawn to this stone that originates from Pakistan. Often times, you can take the rough rock and place it in water and drink from the elixir. Some days I feel like we all need to drink gallons of kunzite infused water and wear kunzite jewelry. I feel like the world might become a little less cray..

The necklace measures 34" long with a magnetic clasp and have offset peridot and moonstone beads.  All components are made with 14k goldfill material.