Kyanite "in-the-Raw" Necklace Long

Kyanite "in-the-Raw" Necklace Long

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Kyanite made from aluminum silicate is cooling and soothing to the nerves in our body. This beautiful blue stone relaxes the Liver and the autonomic nervous system (the fight or flight reflexes) and helps pacify Wind in Chinese Medicine. Wind can manifest as muscle spasms, twitching, trembling, grinding teeth, a feeling of anxiety and nervousness and an inability to concentrate or remain grounded. It’s good to give to a person who victimizes herself by “having to do it all” or by taking on too much responsibility... I just love the columnar structure of raw kyanite, and this blue color that comes from the trace amounts of iron and chromium it has! 💙💙💙

This necklace is 32” long with 14k goldfill metal and a magnetic clasp

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