Malachite Pendant Long Necklace - SOLD

Malachite Pendant Long Necklace - SOLD

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This is Malachite from the Republic of Congo. This stone is one that is best for harmonizing the “Middle Burner” which is the digestive system and the Liver and Gallbladder. It has a high copper content so it conducts Qi well and is also a carbonate so it regulates movement and a hydroxide so it has water content that helps hydrate and nourish Fluids in the body. If worn as a necklace, malachite should sit at or between the acupuncture point CV 15 - 17 to promote permanent changes in the digestive system related to stress... it provides a strong, directed force yet it’s also nourishing to the Blood and helps regulate the smooth flow of Qi in the body... I mixed this piece with citrine which is nourishing for the digestive system... .

This necklace is one of a kind as the pattern on each stone is uniquely different.  I added some citrine and malachite accent beads to accentuate the digestive healing properties of the piece.

The necklace measures 32" long and is adjustable to 34" and all components are made with 14k goldfill material.