Earth Element

Earth Element

The Earth Element represents the concept of mothering, nurturing, and nourishing.  Like the fertile soil that grows our crops, the Earth Element can be likened to the ground on which we stand and to our center.  Its season is late summer, the harvest season or the transition of summer to fall.  The more we cultivate our own Earth, nurture it, and nourish it, we in turn can help others like how a mother can help a child.  Its emotion is sympathy and worry, and integrity is its virtue.  The better we take care of ourselves, the more we have to give.  Earth Element shows us how to maintain healthy boundaries and how to become more grounded as a whole.

Earth people are very accommodating.  They have a sympathetic nature and they feel better when they try to make other people more comfortable even if other people do not appreciate their effort.  They do it because they love doing it but they eventually burn out.

They are good listeners.  They are usually seen as maternal and nurturing; they embrace everything.  Since they gather and accumulate, they also hold onto emotions.  They may forgive an insult but they will never forget it.

Earth types stay in one place in terms of work and home.  They want security, a steady job, home, and income.  They are strong minded but lack flexibility making them quite stubborn.

Color:  Yellow, Brown, Golden

Season:  Late Summer

Shape:  Square

Organs:  Spleen/Pancreas (Yin) & Stomach (Yang)

Energetic Movement:  Centering/Harmonizing/Balancing

Emotion:  Worry/Obsession

Virtue:  Empathy

Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Sacral

Stones:  Citrine, Golden South Sea Pearl, Tiger's Eye, Heliodor, Amber, Honey Calcite, Yellow Jasper

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