Fire Element

Fire Element

The Fire Element represents maturity and love, the passion we have for life and the close relationships we have with others.  Its season is summer and the heat associated with it.  The objective of Fire is to burn consistently with a manageable flame, like burning a hard wood log rather than newspaper.  We don’t want Fire to burn too hot for it scorches ourselves and our relationships, and we don’t want Fire to be so weak that the warmth cannot be felt and coldness settles in.  This element is responsible for our connection to each other, more importantly our intimate relationships.  The emotion of joy, either over-joyed or lack of joy, is associated with Fire and its virtue is propriety.  The Heart is one organ associated with Fire.  Considered the emperor that could do no wrong, the Heart strives to live to its most true and honest form, and a balanced Fire Element would help achieve that.

The Fire element is fundamentally yang, and people with the Fire temperament can be volatile.  Fire people are active, adventurous, and out-going.  They love to travel and enjoy socializing.  

The energy of Fire people tends to be scattered.  They don't foresee problems and so they run their lives with crisis management.  They tend to be abstract thinkers and might be sloppy in appearance.  Fire types are temperamental and can erupt in angry outbursts.  They are impulsive and don't like waiting for anything.  They can be a little irrational.

Fire types tend to be intuitive.  They believe passionately in causes.  Although they may find themselves in a position of leadership, their motivation is to uphold a principle, not to have power.  They want to create change.  

Color:  Red, Orange, Pink

Season:  Summer

Shape:  Triangle

Organs:  Heart & Pericardium/Heart Protector (Yin) / Small Intestine & Triple Heater (Yang)

Energetic Movement:  Spreading

Emotion:  Joy/Anxiety

Virtue:  Compassion

Chakra:  Heart, Sacral

Stones:  Pink Edison Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Rhodochrosite, Morganite, Carnelian, Red Coral, Sunstone, Pink Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline, Red Garnet

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