Water Element

Water Element

The Water element represents death and rebirth, the seed of potential laying dormant in the frozen ground. Its season is winter and the cold associated with it.  Water itself takes shape of whatever container holds it and flows through a path of least resistance. It can be seen as a calm lake, a rushing river, a towering waterfall, a vast ocean with crashing waves and a deep abyss, or something as simple and delicate as a snowflake. Fear is its emotion and wisdom is its virtue. With wisdom and knowledge, we can conquer that which makes us fearful.

The Water personality is a survivor.  These people can adapt to any new situation and don't require security.  They like to move, to flow, to travel and see different places.  They are very quick-witted and adapt easily to new circumstances.  These people have a natural propensity for learning things without a lot of effort.  They absorb information and skills like a sponge, but they are not necessarily interested in them.  Water people don't get stagnant.  

Because Water people can adapt easily, they are not likely to argue or fight.  They don't like conflict and so behave very agreeably, even when they don't feel that way.  They prefer the role of an observer and do not engage with the world as much as the other elements.  Perhaps they realize that all of life is a transition, so "what's the big deal?"

Being a Water person means learning to be gentle with one's self.  This temperament gives a natural ability to act with grace.  The Water type might hear a self-judging voice but she chooses not to indulge it.  She realizes that she can achieve her goals if she is gentle.

Color:  Dark Blue/Black

Season:  Winter

Shape:  Round/Circle

Organs:  Kidneys (Yin) & Bladder (Yang)

Energetic Movement: Suspension

Emotion: Fear/fright

Virtue:  Willpower

Chakra: Root

Stones:  Tahitian Pearl, Labradorite, Black Tourmaline, Black Spinel, Obsidian, Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Apatite