Metal Element

The Metal Element represents the actions of acceptance and letting go.  Its season is the autumn/fall and the dryness associated with it.  In the Five Element cycle, it is representative of the “golden years” of age.  The time when there is acceptance of aging and the concept of letting go for the death and rebirth.  Like the leaves turning orange and falling to the ground, the tree’s preparation for winter.  The Element itself is likened to the value of gold, silver, bronze, and other forms that have been used by humanity in trade or melted and shaped into tools and hardware for use.  It teaches us our self-worth and how we value ourselves.  The qualities of Metal are that of clarity like ringing a bell, cleanliness and sharpness like a knife cutting to the core of things, and spirituality found in believing in a higher being than yourself.  Its emotion is grief, and its virtue is righteousness.  To heal from loss, we must accept and let go through the faith that we can stand on our own.