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Water Element Creations

fine gemstone jewelry handmade in Hawaii

More than just fashion, adorn yourself with intention

Fine Jewelry Inspired by Chinese Medicine Stone Healing, Pieces of History, and Treasures from the Sea...

...all handmade by me on the beautiful island of Maui


Andaz Maui, Hawaii - Every Sunday 9am - 5pm

Fairmont Kea Lani - Every Friday 9am - 5pm until August 9

Collection list

Girls and their PEARLS

19 products

The Ancient Coins: Greek and Roman 450 BC - 400 AD

5 products

Forget Me Knot Necklaces

2 products

Simple Floating Pearl Necklaces

9 products

Earrings that Bling

23 products

Spanish Cobs of the Conquistador Era: 1500-1700 AD

1 product

From an Ocean Near and Far

4 products

Gemstone Necklace Collection

8 products

Keepin' it Raw Collection

8 products

Sunrise Shells and little bits of Hawaiiana

4 products

Rings for our Being

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