From an Ocean Near and Far

This collection is a tribute to my love of the ocean.  I'm an avid surfer and was once an active scuba dive instructor.  I spent many days diving with great white sharks in the frigid waters of Northern California, in Baja Mexico, in Belize in the Caribbean, and here on Maui.  I've also included in this collection some of the shells I've gathered while beach combing in one of my favorite places to surf on the planet, a true heaven-on-earth place to me, in the jungles in East Java Indonesia. All of the shark teeth and shell pieces are collected ethically and often during my travels overseas.  I'm grateful to get to honor these organic pieces of nature and show it off in jewelry setting.  For the love of the ocean...
Shiva Eye Sea Shell Earrings
Shark Tooth Necklace with Peridot Accents