Pearls don't need much embellishing to show themselves off.  They are the most Yin among all the stones.  Created by the saliva of an animal, encased in it's belly, found usually in the depths of the ocean.  It's environment is cold and moist and quiet.  The spherical shape reminds us how to be whole without asking for much. This design is simple, dainty, and elegant. A reminder for us to keep it simple, to be more feminine, to be whole, to show ourselves off without much embellishing.

This classic design is one of the best ways to showcase the natural beauty of these pearls.  None of these pearls are color enhanced and are some of the best AAA and AA grade in my collection.  I choose to only mount them on 14k solid yellow gold or white gold dainty chain and drill only the smallest hole so as to keep the pearl's natural form as pure as possible.  The result shows that it looks like the pearl is "floating" on it's own on your neck.  I use only the highest quality pearls and highest quality metals to honor this classy zen-like design.