My Story

I have to admit it’s hard for me to really describe what Water Element Creations is truly about in a few short sentences. The business is really based on my lifelong interest in gemstones, learning of their healing properties through the modality of medicine I practice: acupuncture along with Chinese Medicine and Daoist principles of healing, my love of the ocean and history. All of my designs are a reflection of my creativity, all made with healing intention and not just fashion. I learned that choosing a piece of jewelry to wear isn’t just by chance, there is a reason why one would choose that particular stone, style, and colors. It’s a reflection of the person wearing it and what they want to portray to the world or perhaps even what hardships they might be going through. Gemstones emit a certain vibration and it’s energetics blend and move with the person who is wearing it. With this intention imbedded within a piece of jewelry, the act of wearing it can subtly change a person’s energetics, give balance to a person, and help them see more clearly what it is they need to do in order to get over an obstacle. Each stone has a different chemical composition. And each stone is formed differently from our Earth. Because of that, the stones themselves have different healing tendencies.
That being said, I also do love the little creations that come from the sea. Like stones, these are made naturally by an animal whether it’s a shell or teeth. I find a majority of these shells during my travels and have found peace in beach combing or diving for these little treasures. Making and wearing them as jewelry, remind me of the bounties the ocean continues to give us and the happiness I have in finding them.
The last part of my collection are the ancient Roman and Greek coins and the Spanish cobs. This collection is a testament to my father, who’s been a coin dealer for over 40 years as well as my nerdy interest in historical artifacts. He’s my intellectual match and I’ve always had a close connection to him. Regarding having the coins, I like the idea of authenticity. Why have the replica when you can have the real thing? These coins passed through the hands of people for hundreds and even a few thousand years and have had their own adventures in life! If they could tell the stories, I’d like to hear it, and since they can’t, I’ll tell it for them.
Stay tuned for the growing collection and follow me through the evolution of Water Element Creations. Each piece is made with Heart by my own hands here on this beautiful island, Maui. Stay tuned, stay inspired, and come ride my wave with me!
Rebecca Elwell, LAc