Opal is an amorphous stone meaning that it takes the shape of whatever it held it while forming.  It benefits emotional issues.  The stone relates to the Zhi or the “soul” of the Kidneys, the willingness to live.  Useful for depression.  And it’s affinity to the Heart is indicative of its hopeful quality.  Hope is the function of the Heart.  When the Heart and the Kidneys are communicating, there can be enthusiasm for life.  

Aztecs referred to opal as the “eye of the gods”.  In their tradition, holding the stone for one to five minutes a day for three to five days, while visualizing difficulties in life.  Brings insight from the gods to work through the difficulties and challenges to the Heart.

*Do not place in direct sunlight or heat. 

Cleansing and Charging

A quick rinse in water and charge in a crystal.  Never use sun or salt.

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