Turquoise celebrates our new beginnings. This stone allows us to be present and comfortable with ourselves, recalling past incarnations and processing present day lessons with this newfound knowledge. Found in hot, arid climates, turquoise is like a cactus and able to retain or dispel water in the body, increasing conductivity of Qi (energy).

I source my turquoise from the Kingman and Sleeping Beauty mines in Kingman, Arizona.  I believe the geographic locations, the quality, and the methods of extraction of these stones play a role in its energetics.  This turquoise is some of the best I have encountered.

Cleansing and Charging

It likes balance.  Wash it in running water and place for a short time in the sun to dry.  Then place the stone in a bowl of water out in the light of the moon.

Alternatively, cleanse and recharge in hematite, or cleanse in running water for a short time and charge overnight with quartz crystal