Ancient Greek Medusa (Gorgon) Coin Pendant

  • $3,400.00
  • Authentic Ancient Greek Medusa (Gorgon) Silver Coin Pendant - single sided
  • 18k gold bezel setting
  • 13mm in size. 3.18 grams silver
  • Numismatic Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Please inquire about chain options

Medusa - Once a beautiful long-haired high priestess to the Goddess Athena.  Cursed by Athena and banished to the mountains to live with the other Gorgons, these mythical creatures with snakes as hair carrying the power that if anyone stared directly in their eyes, they would turn to stone.  Athena ordered Perseus to kill Medusa and bring back her head.  She gives him her mirror shield to use so he can look through the shield at Medusa instead of directly upon her.  Perseus slays her and returns her head still retaining its power to Athena.  

The ancient Greeks believed Medusa was a martyr and used her Gorgon face as a symbol of protection.  They placed the emblem of this face on everything around them: sails, shields, gates, and their coinage.