Garnet + Rose Quartz + Pink Edison Pearl Hand-knotted Necklace

  • $350.00
  • $350.00

One of my original designs are these hand-knotted necklaces using nylon thread.  I felt like it was an elegant way to showcase the facets of each gemstone bead and created this rich, aesthetic look.  

I used garnet, rose quartz, and a pink edison pearl for this combination to commemorate the Fire Element and the Heart.  

The necklace measures at 17-18" with an adjustable lobster clasp.  All components are made with 14k goldfill material.  The nylon thread is red.  Wear and tear will happen with the thread in time but I will re-knot the piece after a year after purchase for a $30 fee.  But if care is taken with the piece (not worn in showers or gyms for example), it should last a long time.